Today, I have… #001

Failed a promise

I had promised a close friend of mind that I will join their event in Campus Ministry. Sadly, when I was about to prepare, I just did a facepalm.

It was almost two o’clock when I was done taking a bath. When I opened my closet for something to wear, I cannot find anything decent clothes there. It is all in the laundry. So all I did was sitting here in my room and thinking for acceptable reasons. But nothing is better than the truth. So, I will just let her know everything; if she confronts me about it. Hehe

But it is sad. I know it was fun. It was an event related to God. I really want to be part of it and be part of their family. I know that they will accept me with open arms. And still, I failed a friend, again…

[Dili lage mag promise.]

Found someone cute today.

This evening, I was taking a nap. Suddenly, someone knocked on my door that woke me up. I wondered who it was because most of the people I have already known in this house will immediately go inside my room after knocking. So, I concluded that he/she is not that close to me (yet) and have something to ask about connecting to our internet in the house.

I got up from my messy bed and opened the door. When the door was opened, I saw a very young face. I am like looking at a young high school guy that is standing and waiting for someone to open the door. But he is not a high school student; he just looks like one.

After seeing his face, I was fully awakened and asked for what was that knocking for. And, my conclusion was right; he asked for the password of our WiFi. I got back inside and looked for a pen and paper. But, I had never found my pen. So, I went out and borrowed a pen that was left on the table in our lounge.

I wrote the SSID and the password for our WiFi and gave it to him. And, I had a chance to ask his name personally. Hehe. He also asked how to pay it and when to pay. I had told him all the details he asked. Then, he smiled as a thank you and goodbye. Note: He SMILED and I found him cute while smiling.

Nice to meet you diay. As if imo ning mabasa. Hahaha

Noticed I am half naked

After I took a bath this afternoon, I was only wearing underwear and a shirt. [Kay lage walay panglaba] Lately, when I prepared for my dinner, I realized that I was half naked facing that guy earlier. Well, it is normal if you’re in your comfortable room. But sh*t, I went outside for that pen. That is so embarrassing.

Shame on me and that capped my day today.

I challenge myself for an everyday blog starting today. I hope this will last for life. Hahaha. Comment for inspiration pls. Hehe Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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