Today, I have… #002

Eaten four eggs

On this day, I woke up late. I slept at five in the morning and woke up at twelve noon. So, I did not have a chance to take a breakfast. When I woke up at noon, my roommate Jessar cooked for our lunch and boiled four eggs; two for each of us.

Since it is a holiday, we have no classes. Both of us are here in the room using our phone and laptop. We have no plans of going out because of one reason, we don’t have cash. LOL

Then evening came, Jessar again cooked for our dinner and boiled four eggs again. Eggs are the only food we can have today. As what I have said, we do not have the cash to buy foods outside. That is why I have eaten four eggs today. Hahaha

Started to familiarize the HTML tags and attributes

In the past years, all I want is to create a website; a stunning, a beautiful, and an interactive website. Last year, I started to learn all the skills needed for web developing. I have learned HTML, CSS, and javascript.

Even though I already know how to build a site from scratch, I still always look for the references to know what tag should I use for a specific thing I want. That is why I decided to familiarize the tags and attributes of HTML and the properties and values of CSS. And just this afternoon, I have started to familiarize the tags and attributes of HTML.

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