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There are so many rumors about how Apple will name their new iPhones in 2018. Well, as mentioned, they are rumors. Let us assume that Apple would let us give the new iPhone names for 2018. By analyzing how Apple think different about naming their smartphone, we will be naming the next iPhone.

According to the recent leaks, Apple will release three new iPhones this year. Two of these devices has OLED technology and the other one has an LCD display. So, we will name these three upcoming smartphones.

New iPhone Names: Image of the leaked three new iPhones

These are the new iPhone Names

Starting with…

The ‘iPhone’

This is how I name the next iPhone with LCD display. As a start for a new decade of the iPhone existence, I will give the original name of the iPhone when Steve Jobs introduces it to the public last 2007.

The iPhone, according to the leaks and rumors, will be the more affordable phone compare to the other two. It is because this iPhone has the LCD technology instead of the OLED that makes the iPhone X [ten] of last year so expensive. Its screen also sizes 6.1″ which is bigger than the iPhone X’s 5.8″.

According to some bloggers, it will be called the iPhone 9. And it will sell more than the other two because of its price and somewhat same appearance as the expensive ones.

New iPhone Names: iPhone X with AirPods

The ‘iPhone Pro’

For me, this is a nice name for the iPhone with a smaller 5.8″ OLED screen. It is just the same size as iPhone X. Some bloggers say that the iPhone X is the best size for the hand, so maybe this iPhone Pro will also feel like that. And because it has an OLED screen, it would be more expensive than the iPhone.

Maybe it will also have a better dual rear camera compared to the iPhone, a larger RAM capacity, second-generation FaceID, faster wireless charger, or anything else.

The ‘iPhone Pro Plus’

This name is for the larger version of the iPhone Pro. Just like the iPhone Pro, it will have an OLED screen but a larger 6.5″ in size. Also, the battery will also be bigger compared to the other two. Most of the tech YouTubers I watched say they prefer a larger one of the iPhone X.

All of these new iPhones will feature Apple’s new A12 Chip. What I hope though is a bigger RAM — maybe 4 or 6 or 8 gigabytes. RAM is used for multitasking and also keeping your app open and saves your battery life.

New iPhone Names: Image of iPhone X

To know more about the rumors of these smartphones, you can read MacRumors’ post or any other tech bloggers on the internet about these phones.

How about you? How would you name the new iPhone? Do you have any idea of how should Apple name their next iPhones? Leave your new iPhone names in the comment section down below and let me know.

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