Forgive But Do Not Forget

Those who do not forgive are prisoners of their own hatred and those who do forget are poised to repeat the same mistakes.

We all have these persons we gave our trust to. They might be our friends that turns out to be not what we expected. And we just found ourselves got mistakes by giving our trust and comfort to them.

These people disappointed us and created hatred within us. Well, we need to move forward and eat all those mistakes to grow. Never let this hatred affect us.

Forgiveness is not about making peace with anyone else. It is about you making peace with yourself, and allowing yourself to move forward.

The dangerous part is that the events in life have some sort of cyclical nature, which means they have a tendency to repeat themselves.

The ‘Forgive but do not Forget’ rule sounds aggressive but it’s more of a defense mechanism which will protect you as you evolve into different person that cannot be hurt with the same bullshit.

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Posted by Rubien Charcos

Photographer (with no camera) • Blogger (with no computer) • Traveler (with no money) • Writer (with no experience)

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