Craving for Sunset

Who doesn’t love a sunset? Who will not fall in love with a sunset? For me, no one. It is the most beautiful ending you would ever see. And even without high hopes and expectations, you already know that it will rise again.



Life is just like the Sun, it will rise then it will set. Just wait for the time to rise again.



These photos are taken in Paseo de Santiago of Iligan City, Philippines. It is a nice place to relax and enjoy a sunset. With just 20 pesos for an entrance fee, you can enjoy the view and the ambiance of the place. Better bring extra cash for their foods or for your bring-in food corkage.


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Posted by Rubien Charcos

Photographer (with no camera) • Blogger (with no computer) • Traveler (with no money) • Writer (with no experience)

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