Acquainting Freshmen Students

We haven’t seen the first-year college students for two years now here in the Philippines. It is because of the K-12 curriculum implemented by the Department of Education. But now, the school-year 2018-2019 has already begun. The fresh graduate students from senior high-school are attending college. And some of them are my boardmates.

As an old roomer in this boarding house, I should have to create the bond with these new ones. I approached them first by saying ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello.’ Thankfully, most of them respond nicely. We have introduced ourselves and give some info to know each other’s identity. Now that we know each other, I hope we will be friends.

For me, it is so hard to approach a stranger. But trying is not that hard. There are students I approach that did not even give any response as if they did not see me. It might be embarrassing. But, I am pretty sure that I can handle those kinds of people. The important is those who responded.

Just this afternoon, I went to Paseo de Santiago together with the two freshmen and two old boardmates. We took pictures of ourselves and told some stories about random stuff as we felt the sea breeze. And all of those happened as the sun went down.

Unexpectedly, we ate our dinner together. In Paseo de Santiago, there is this boat-like barbecue stand that serves grilled viands. They have Bangus, chicken legs, chicken gizzard, chicken liver, and fish jaw. They also have seaweeds.

We gave our orders to the teller and looked for our seat. The place is relaxing because it is onshore. The table seats are in the sand so we can still feel the sea breeze. We continued our talking, arguments and making fun of each other while waiting for our food.

After waiting for a while, the foods are ready to serve. The place is self-service. The staff will just call us when our order is ready for us to take. The one hundred pesos I had did satisfy both myself and my tummy.

Finally, it was time to went back to our boarding house but the story will not end here. I just wish this bonding will become longer, have more members and more memorable moments to create.

A.N.: Only two I have become close out of 10 who responded out of 20 I approached. LOL Trying hard introvert who wanted to be an extrovert. Please, wish me luck! And thank you for reading!

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